Mission Statement of VVP

Mission Statement of VVP

Valley Visiting Physicians (VVP) provides state of the art in home care for geriatric and home-bound patients. Our highly trained visiting Doctors and Nurse Practitioners are equipped to perform most of the same services that you would receive in a doctor’s office but with the added benefit of being in the comfort of your own home.

Valley Visiting Physicians acts as the primary care physician or as augmentation to or as an interim physician to the patients’ present medical team. Valley Visiting Physicians offers a “Post Hospital Stabilization Service” to physicians, insurance plans, and hospitals to mitigate hospital re-admissions within 90 days, most specifically within 30 days.

Valley Visiting Physicians offers the convenience of the complete doctor’s office experience in the comfort of your own home. The security of knowing, should the need arise, the same team of doctors will admit and remain your attending physician at the Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility.The assurance that the same team of dedicated doctors will be with you, wherever you are, every step of the way. We also offer comprehensive Palliative Care services in the comfort of your home while coordinating your care with all specialists involved.

  • To provide comprehensive health care at home at no additional cost.
  • Sometimes it is not easy, practical or possible to get to a doctor’s office.
  • This however should not prevent you or your loved ones from getting the healthcare and treatment you deserve and need. The solution is VVP.
  • VVP is a doctor owned and operated company right here in Coachella valley brining old fashioned physician house calls to your home without the hassle of waiting in a doctor’s office.
  • Our doctors and nurse practitioners can either serve as your primary care or work in conjunction with your current medical providers.
  • We provide holistic approach to patient care.
  • No referrals are required.
  • We can be your primary care physician and work alongside any specialists you are seeing.
  • We can also work alongside your primary physicians and coordinate your care with your primary physician during times when you are unable to go to your primary care doctor's office due to various different reasons.
  • Visit scheduled within 48 hours of request.

Benefits of a house call

  • Reduces the number of hospitalization and ER visits.
  • Lessens the anxiety and stress faced by families caring for elderly relative.
  • Better communication with family members and caregivers.
  • Accurate evaluation of home situation.

Advantage of home visit your doctor can go through your medicine cabinet with you, go through your pantry while discussing diet, see the stairs you have to go up and down, look at your house for any other potential fall risks. Our doctors are experienced in health care of older and disabled adults.